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Our Vision

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project aims to improve public understanding of gray wolf behavior, ecology, and options for re-establishing the species in Colorado. The benchmark of our success: Wolves again roaming the snow-capped peaks, rim rock canyons, and primeval forests of western Colorado.

Disseminate Science Based Information

Disseminate Science-Based Information

about wolves and dispel existing myths.
Engage Coloradans

Engage Coloradans

about the reality of co-existing with wolves, including ways to mitigate the effects on hunters, ranchers, and others concerned about wolves.
Cultivate Enthusiasm

Cultivate Enthusiasm

among Coloradans about returning wolves to the Western half of the state.

Our Coalition

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project is comprised of individuals and organizations—from wildlife biologists to Colorado landowners to conservationists—dedicated to returning wolves to Colorado. We will encourage thoughtful, public conversation with all stakeholders, including ranchers and sportsmen.

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About Us

Meet the ever-growing team of individuals and organizations that help guide the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project's work. Without such a dedicated team, we couldn't accomplish our goals. We hope you'll join us and learn more!

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Learn & Share

We have an abundance of resources and materials, including infographics, e-books, slideshares, educator tools, and more. Browse, download, and share what you learn with your friends and family!

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Re-establishing wolves in western Colorado could connect the entire North American wolf population. It would be difficult to overestimate the biological and conservation value of this achievement.

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We're a grassroots organization dependent on small-dollar contributions from concerned individuals like you! Please consider making a tax deductable contribution today!

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