Rocky Mountain Wolf Project

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project collaborates with a vast team of individuals and organizations to help guide our work. We hope you'll join us or be in touch with any questions!

Our Mission

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project aims to improve public understanding of gray wolf behavior, ecology, and options for re-establishing the species in Colorado. The benchmark of our success: Wolves again roaming the snow-capped peaks, rim rock canyons, and primeval forests of western Colorado.

We collaborate with individuals and organizations—from wildlife biologists to Colorado landowners to conservationists—dedicated to returning wolves to Colorado. We advocate for using the best available scientific data in all decision-making processes related to wolf restoration.

Disseminate Science-Based Information

about wolves and dispel existing myths.

Engage Coloradans

about the reality of co-existing with wolves, including ways to mitigate the effects on hunters, ranchers, and others concerned about wolves.

Cultivate Enthusiasm

among Coloradans about returning wolves to the Western half of the state.


Acres of available public lands in Western Colorado


Wild Deer & Elk Population


Year Plan Concluding to Restore Wolves in the West


Campers Injured By Wolves While Hiking in National Parks

Trusted Leadership

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project receives trusted guidance from key scientists, advocates and politically savvy leaders who have substantial experience with wolf reintroduction and visionary ecological restoration programmes.

How to take action

Donate today to help make a difference.