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Download our first e-book to learn more about the gray wolf throughout US History.

At one time, wolves roamed throughout the United States, but they've gone missing throughout Colorado. Read about what lead to the eradication of wolves and what we can do to bring them back.

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Download our second e-book in the series to learn more about what reintroduction could mean for Colorado.

This e-book discusses the difference between reintroduction and recolonization, and the impact reintroucing wolves could have on an ecosystem

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Download this photographic exhibit prepared by Living with Wolves and Jim and Jamie Dutcher to learn more about the gray wolf.

Living with Wolves is a non-profit organization dedicated to education, outreach and research to promote truth and understanding about wolves.

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Download this e-book to learn more about how researchers are examining the feasibility and desirability of reintroducing gray wolves into the Southern Rockies Ecoregion.

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