Thanks to the contributions from Rocky Mountain Wolf Pack members from across the country and the generous support of our matching funds donors, we were able to meet and exceed our goal:

$110,000 raised for wolf recovery education!

Join Us

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project is committed to restoring the gray wolf to the great National Forests and other public wildlands in western Colorado.

After the successful reintroduction of gray wolves into the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, there's just one missing link in the Rocky Mountains— one state whose public lands are still haunted by the missing howl: Colorado.

Join our mission and help build our movement by spreading awareness and donating what YOU can to reestablish the wolf in western Colorado. We cannot do this alone. We need to take a page from the wolf and realize that our strength is in numbers. Yes, the project is local, but reestablishing the wolf in Colorado will be a national achievement because it takes place on federal public lands. This major ecological milestone would belong to everyone!

We need YOU to stand with us to grow the pack and return the #MissingHowl. Every dollar you donate makes double the impact for returning this iconic species to Colorado.

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