Will wolves wipe out elk and deer?

The claim that wolves have “decimated” their prey populations in the states where the government reintroduced them is patently false.  Official data highlights that there are more elk in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming today than there were when the government reintroduced wolves over a quarter century ago. For an independent assessment of the effects of wolves on big game in North America, check out this factsheet from the scientists at Colorado State University: Wolves, Big Game, and Hunting – 8.001 – Extension

Taking this a step further, let’s simply apply some common sense: If wolves were prone to wipe-out their prey, they would have eaten themselves to extinction. Statements about wolves “decimating” their prey amount to fear-mongering and deceit, plain-and-simple.

For more information on this and related topics, visit the FAQs developed by the scientists at Colorado State University: Colorado Wolves FAQ – CHCC

In the video below, our colleague Doug Smith from the National Park Service explores how wolves have affected the elk population in Yellowstone’s Northern Range.